Have you heard of the Mighty 5 in UTAH?

UTAH with huge panoramic views

 These 5 breathtaking national parks offer some of the most glorious landscapes and unique rock formations in the world 

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The Mighty 5

Arches NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Canyonlands NP, Capitol Reef NP and Zion NP.
During a trip to Utah there is a lot to discover. If you can go and experience the parks in the spring or in the winter (Oct-Apr) you will benefit from following advantages :

· locals take more time to talk to you
· cheaper
· the park all for yourself
· roads all cleared

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Zion National Park

Towering colorful cliffs of cream, pink and red sandstone, stunning valleys, the spectacular Narrows, numerous thundering waterfalls and breathtaking panoramas can’t even begin to describe its beauty. The natural wonders of Zion National Park truly turn it into a magical place!

Visit Angel’s Landing (5.4 miles – 8.7 km) round trip. A spectacular hike and climb towards the top of Angel’s Landing where you will be rewarded with a divine view. Best suited for experienced hikers who do not fear heights.

Insider tips

. Make a stop in Helper, an old mining town that became a hub for some of today’s greatest artists and have lunch at Balance Rock Eatery & Pub..
. Visit White Pocket (Vermillion Cliffs National Monument), a fantastic alternative to The Wave. 

The best moments will undoubtedly be the hikes where you will have the parks almost exclusively to yourself and the time you will spend admiring the breathtaking power of nature.

Combine a trip to Utah in the winter with 2 days of ski or snowboard fun. (Only 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City for the ultimate adventure).

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