The Grand Canyon State

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Centuries of erosion by the Colorado River have formed Lake Powell, a natural frontier between Arizona and Utah.  Its shores cover more than 3150 km, which is longer than all of the country’s Westcoast !

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Abbreviation AZ
Surface km2 294 207
Population 6 392 017
Population density  (km2) 21,65
Capital Phoenix
The most populated city Phoenix

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One of the most iconic images of the Southwest are the sandstone buttes that dominate Monument Valley, a favorite decor for western movies with John Wayne as leading part.  Standing on the South Rim of Grand Canyon you overlook the endless ridges of colorful cliff walls and deep ravines ; this incredible landscape has been carved by the Colorado River, seen 1.5 km below.    Canyon de Chelly is home to spectacular cliff dwellings set along steep-sided canyons and Spider Rock, a holy place for Native Americans.  Sedona is considered by many to be a highly spiritual place, known for its energy vortexes and New Age shops.  The town Page is neighbor to Lake Powell, the Hoover Dam and Antelope Canyon, consisting of an Upper and a Lower part.  Saguaro National Park is a great place to see the famous cacti.  People interested in ghost towns must visit Jerome, Bisbee or Tombstone and its famous OK Corral.

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Vous verrez les sites qu’il ne faut pas manquer : le Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, le Yosemite et les villes de Los Angeles, Las Vegas et San Francisco.

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Old West Indian Country

Magnificent selfdrive passing different State Monuments through the states of Arizona and New Mexico. 14 days / 13 nights. Departure and arrival: Phoenix.Navajo Indian Reservation.

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